Study at Linnaeus University – a modern, international university in southern Sweden.

Having dreams about studying in Sweden? Perhaps even at Linnaeus University? Then you are welcome here – to our inspirational page on what life is like at Linnaeus University!

”In times of crisis the most vulnerable are hardest hit”

Juliana conducts research on how we can use design to live in harmony with our planet. Her focus is sustainability, what it means to live well and feel good – to everyone on Earth.

”Small-scale entrepreneurship must start somewhere; in our case it was a bachelor’s thesis”

For Joakim and his two fellow students, a field trip to The Gambia turned into the basis for their business. A company through which cashew nuts and dried fruit would make a difference, both for the environment and the local population.

”I work in Brussels, for the young people of Europe. To make sure that they have the possibility to travel and learn from the diversity in the world”

Safi grew up in the midst of passionate commitment. Her parents fled from the dictatorship in Kongo Kinshasa to Sweden, where they continued their fight for everyone’s rights and equal value. Now, she works with people to build bridges and create understanding between different cultures.

Located in two cities

With nature just around the corner


The student city by the sea


A living campus surrounded by lakes and forests

Where knowledge grows

Get an education that helps you to actually make a difference in the world

This is Linnaeus University

Our education profile


We are entre­preneurs

Linnaeus University is located in the heart of Swedish entrepreneurship. It’s an environment where innovation, creativity and new ways of thinking are born. At Linnaeus University, you learn how to contribute to the world with the knowledge you acquire.


We are sustain­able

Sustainability for the houses we live in, the conditions in which we work, the air we breathe, our bodies and the food we eat. Life is key at Linnaeus University. Thus, so is sustainability. Learn about and develop the ideas that give us a better future.

international students

We are inter­national

International, yet local. Experience the best of what this part of Sweden has to offer, while at the same time being just one interaction away from every continent. We welcome over 2,000 international students every year, and get inspiration from all corners of the world.

international students
people playing guitar

We are cultural

Linnaeus University is a place where culture flows freely. Where creative expression is allowed to take many different forms. Cultivate your mind by taking part of some of the numerous experiences at and around the university.

Linnaeus University in numbers


International programmes

Wild rabbits around town in Kalmar

People outside of Sweden who can pronounce the name Växjö correctly

International students

International courses

Kilos of coffee consumed during a year of studies


Kalmar castle
Kalmar city centre
Sol och skuggor vid Rävspelet i Kalmar
Universitetet ligger vid gästhamnen mitt i Kalmar
Stadsbiblioteket i Växjö
Askelyckan Växjö
Joggingtur vid Växjösjön
Domkyrkan i Växjö

What do our students think about us?

The location of the university is what makes it so special. Surrounded by nature and greenery, every student’s dream becomes a daily experience.

Saha from Pakistan, Marketing programme, Bachelor progamme

At Linnaeus University you study in an intercultural environment, which provides personal growth and the ability to develop different perspectives. It’s a place where freedom, equality and respect count. It gives you a sense of belonging.

Gülsah from Turkey, Summer Academy

Linnaeus University has an encouraging learning atmosphere that helps you to develop and grow, both within your study area and as a person. 

Lena from Germany, Tourism and Sustainibility, Master Programme

Through contacts with partners and contributors from the trade and industry, you have the opportunity to build your own network during your studies. One succesful collaboration is the one with IKEA.

Tayfun from Turkey, Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design, Master programme

78% of our students have jobs that require higher education three months after completing their studies!
Read more results from the latest alumni survey

Programming is one of many languages

Ebtisam is the winner of IT women of the year. 
To Ebtisam, programming is a language just like any other. It’s communication. She is 20 years old, and is passionate about showing young women that IT is for everyone.

Towards a green future

His conviction that the world must stop using fossil fuels made Osinachi move with his wife and children all the way from Nigeria to the greenest city in Europe, Växjö. His goal is to one day be a major player in renewable energy.

Meet us!

Linnaeus University participates at a number of education fairs around the world throughout the year.
Welcome to meet or chat with us, our students, and alumni to learn more about studies at our university.



We love everybody

Everyone is welcome at Linnaeus University, no matter who you happen to be. Every year we celebrate everybody’s right to be who they are by joining the Pride parades in Kalmar and Växjö. And we have coordinators who work full time to improve our work with equal rights at the university!

The Sustainable University

The future must be green, fair and equal. Here are some examples of what we do to make the world a little bit better.

  • All energy that is used in our facilities comes from renewable sources.
  • Many of our offices are LGBTQ certified.
  • We have our own solar energy production on the roof of the university.
  • We have green roofs on university buildings in Kalmar to promote biodiversity.
  • Our toilets are gender neutral.
  • We offer our teachers the course “Learning for sustainable development” to increase integration of sustainable development into our courses and programmes.
  • We have environmental stations for differentiated collection of waste in our buildings.
  • All food waste becomes biogas.

5 reasons to choose Linnaeus University


Just as close to the forest as to the lecture halls


Easy to get in touch with companies during your studies


Get a feeling of historical parts of Sweden while being in an international environment


We love yellow, obviously, but we’re also super green – we have living trees inside the university buildings


Get a friend family as soon as you arrive!

Arrow shaped forrest

We push society forward

Through collaboration

Changing the world is something that we do every day at Linnaeus University, through our teaching and the research we conduct. In order to have our research contribute to solving societal challenges, we work together with companies that help our knowledge become reality. One example of this is The Bridge, a collaboration we have with Södra and IKEA. This collaboration gives students on certain programmes the opportunity to work closely together with these companies. It also means that innovative, sustainable solutions are created through research, which quickly come into use on the market.

Learn more about the collaboration within The Bridge

Through research

Welcome to Sweden!

Maybe you've heard of IKEA, Zlatan, Avicii, the Nobel prize, ABBA and Spotify?

Believe it or not, there is even more to Sweden than those wonderful things.

We're free,

we express our opinions and stand up for our rights

We're green,

we cherish the sustainable solutions that may save our planet – go Greta!

We're equal,

we are one of the world’s most progressive countries concerning gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights

We're both innovative and global,

we have the highest number of international companies per capita in the world

Come and learn the Swedish way at Linnaeus University