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Areas of interest

Business and Economics

Do you want to create and develop a profitable business, lead an organisation, or market a brand? Do you like statistics and numbers and want to have many options when you enter the labour market?

With a degree in business administration, economics, management, or marketing, all of society is a potential labour market, nationally as well as internationally. Our programmes have different specialisations and you can, among other things, specialise in marketing, international business, management control, or international tourism.

Computer Science/IT

Do you want to take part in the development of future services, products, and entertainment? Are you interested in the interplay between technology, human, and society?

Skills within Computer/IT are in demand and used in all lines of business. Studying an IT programme opens doors to many interesting professions and assignments, in Sweden as well as internationally.

Design and Humanities

Do you want to use design to make a difference in the world? Would you like to create visual messages that have impact? Or are you interested in specialising in fields like cultural sciences, postcolonial studies, digital humanities, or English linguistics and comparative literature? 

We offer a number of programmes that can lead to creative and inspiring professions within design and humanities.

Natural Sciences

Are you curious about nature, humankind, or the universe and how everything is connected? Are you thorough and analytical?  

With an education in the natural sciences, you can, among other things, become a specialist within biology, physics, or mathematics. We offers a range of different programmes in the natural sciences and you will get access to well-equipped laboratories and committed teachers who connect the latest research with their teaching. 

I got the opportunity to write my master thesis within the field together with a professor from University of Insubria. Since his laboratory was located in Paris, that’s where I did my internship. During my internship, I got the opportunity to work with professional researchers within a very specific field as well as with doctoral students.

Yann from Switzerland, Physics Master programme

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Do you want to take part in the work to solve global peace and development issues? Do you have an interest in international affairs, politics, and societal development? Do you want to specialise in questions relating to organisational development and the interplay between people in professional life? 

By studying one of our programmes in social and behavioural sciences, you will acquire knowledge and tools to meet the challenges in a changing world.

Technology and Engineering

Are you innovative and creative? Would you like to have a varied job with focus on problem-solving and development of new products and services?

What all technicians and engineers have in common, is that they contribute to the development of our society and try to solve existing problems.